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"Tar" in Chinese means "to attain, to achieve, to reach, to realize, to inform, to notify, and dignity."
"Li" in Chinese means "to set up, to stand."

R&D in housewares and manufacture of various patented and published productions combined with high technology to meet your OEM/ODM requirement. Over 30 years experience, being a long-term process contractor, we have succeeded in developing kinds of Hardware Productions (included: garden, farm, construction, hand tools and metal productions) & Educational DIY Playing (included: children supplies, toys, stationary and indoor games) for our customers. Your designs, samples and OEM/ODM orders are welcome. And competitive price, high quality and soonest delivery are our unchangeable goal.

Company Outline

Establish In: 1976
Business Type: Manufacturing Company
Export Market: Global

Agreement of Non-Use of Conflict Minerals
As a supplier of Tractor Supply Company (hereinafter “TSC”), recognizes and understands that Company’s business activities and products it supplies will impact the society, environment, and TSC. In order to shoulder its social responsibilities, Tar Li Hardware Co., Ltd. hereby undertakes as follows:
1. Company warrants that all products Company supplies to TSC and packaging thereof do not contain conflict minerals from Congo and its neighboring counties or any armed-conflict areas within the geographic territories of these countries. Congo and its neighboring countries (hereinafter “Conflict Regions”) comprise: (a) République démocratique du Congo, The Republic of Congo, The Republic of Sudan, Republic of South Sudan, The Republic of Uganda, Republika y'u Rwanda, The Republic of Burundi, The United Republic of Tanzania, The Republic of Zambia, The Republic of Angola, The Central African Republic; and (b) any current or future country/region that includes a part of or all territories of the foregoing countries. Conflict minerals include, but not limited to, rare metals such as tinstone, wolframite, coltan, gold and their derivatives, especially gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), and tungsten (W), from Conflict Regions. Not containing conflict minerals from Congo and its neighboring counties or any armed-conflict areas within the geographic territories of these countries means that the mining, refining, shaping and any other manufacturing or processing procedure of conflict minerals does not take place in Conflict Regions.
2. Company shall reinforce its supply chain management and establish relevant management policies or rules to effectively detect and track sources of raw materials, ensure the legality of sources of raw materials, and preclude use of conflict minerals.
3. Upon TSC’s request, Company shall truthfully fill out the online survey, and guarantee the truthfulness and correctness of answers to such questionnaires and information it provides to TSC.
4. Company may not modify or rescind this Agreement without TSC’s informed written consent.

Tar Li Hardware Co., Ltd.

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